As one of the best Midtown Atlanta bars, Foxtrot keeps a pulse on what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to cocktails, craft beer, wine, and spirits. There’s a lot to look forward to in 2019, from herbal infused cocktails to the rise of Japanese gin. Foxtrot Liquor Bar is here with all the top 2019 bar trends!

Health and Sustainability

Health and environmental sustainability aren’t just popular in the restaurant industry- they’ve found their way into distilleries and bars as well. Today, you’ll find superfoods, medicinal herbs, teas, and cold-press juices used to create cocktails that could double as health tonics. You can wind down with a hand-crafted cocktail and do something good for your body! Plus, with sustainable cocktails, you can also do something good for the environment. Sustainable cocktails are made with locally-sourced ingredients that have a minimal impact on the environment.



2018 saw the rise of tiki cocktails and the fall of sugary concoctions. This year the trend continues, and you can expect to see more refined vintage rums with nuanced flavor profiles, and dynamic brandy catalogues with different fruit expressions.

Asian flavors are also gaining popularity in the 2019 scene. You may see more baiju cocktails on bar menus over the next year, as the popular Chinese grain alcohol pairs well with more familiar liquors, like whiskey and rum. Japanese gin is poised to become more well known, as it presents an elegantly subtle and unique flavor derived from unusual botanicals like yuzu citrus, shiso (Japanese basil, from the mint family) and green tea.

Kentucky Bourbons and Irish Whiskeys also continue to dominate the handcrafted cocktail world, along with the more convenient cocktails on draft.

Marketing TacticsGet Social

Social media continues to reign supreme in 2019, and you can expect your favorite bars and restaurants to follow suit. User generated content is a powerful tool these days, as the best recommendations come from customers and word of mouth. Expect to see over the top cocktails and Insta-worthy dishes begging for a share and a hashtag. You’ll probably see more places pushing for online reviews as well, as more and more people go searching for real commentary from real customers.

We’re following all the hottest bar trends in 2019 and beyond! Whether you’re looking for highly recommended cocktails or the perfect Snapchat venue for your story, we’ve got it all. Come see for
yourself why Foxtrot is still Midtown’s favorite bar!

Frequently Asked Questions about Foxtrot Liquor Bar

Does Foxtrot Liquor Bar have a good craft beer selection?2020-02-03T13:43:49-05:00

Foxtrot has a great selection and a wide variety of craft beer on tap and in the bottle. We pour craft beer nightly!

Where can I view the new Foxtrot Liquor Bar menu?2020-02-03T13:43:18-05:00

Click here to view our new menu when it becomes available, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the newest updates!

Are group reservations required at Foxtrot Liquor Bar?2020-02-03T13:42:23-05:00

Reservations are not required, but we do recommend calling ahead on busy nights, especially if you have a large group. Call (404) 856-4266 for more information!

Does Foxtrot Liquor Bar have Happy Hour Specials?2020-01-06T16:56:51-05:00

Yes! Join us Tuesday through Friday from 5:00 PM- 7:00 PM for Happy Hour!

Does Foxtrot Liquor Bar have a good selection of Bourbon?2020-01-06T16:53:45-05:00

Whether you like it on the rocks or in a carefully crafted cocktail, we have a great selection of top-shelf Bourbon you’ll love.

Does Foxtrot have good reviews online?2019-10-30T12:27:03-04:00

Our customers love us! Check out our great reviews on Google, and don’t forget to follow us on social
media. Tag us on Insta and share the love! @foxtrotbaratl

Does Foxtrot host group events?2019-10-29T16:17:25-04:00

Yes! If you’re looking for the trendiest cocktails and hottest venue for your next event, Foxtrot has you covered! Contact us today for more info! 404.856.4266

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