Atlanta’s Best Bar

Think you know all the best restaurants and bars in Atlanta? Hate to say it, but if Foxtrot Liquor Bar isn’t on your list, your info needs an update. Foxtrot tops the list of Atlanta’s best-kept secrets. Located in midtown on 13th Street, Foxtrot is city enough to be refined but down-to-earth enough to be unpretentious.

Atlanta's Best Kept Secret - Foxtrot Liquor Bar


Number 45 Thirteenth Street, just around the corner from the Four Seasons. Foxtrot Liquor Bar is the perfect spot for an after-work hangout, a date, or meeting up with friends, and its easily accessible location makes it a no-brainer. Stop in for a craft beer or a cocktail, relax, and stay awhile.


You. And anyone you’d like to drag along. Foxtrot is an upscale cocktail bar without the uppity, so come dressed for a date or in your work attire and prepare to feel welcomed. We’re the sophisticated but chill coffee shop hangout atmosphere of the night scene–but with the best wine, craft beer, and booze. Not espresso.


Foxtrot is open Tuesday-Saturday from 5pm-2am; on Fridays we open at 4pm for the happiest hour in town. Cozy, chic decor, comfy seating, warm lighting, and the friendliest staff in town might make you want to stay until last call.


We know how to mix a craft cocktail, and our customers make Foxtrot’s atmosphere incredible every night, with laugh-out-loud conversation, mellow space to relax, mouthwatering grub, and bartenders and servers that cater to your every whim. Well, most of your whims. We have to draw the line somewhere.

Stay up-to-date on our events and specials by signing up for our mailing list (FYI–we work hard not to be annoying). And if you’ve never been here before, drop on in and stay awhile. You’re more than welcome.