The Benefits of Curbside Dining


Curbside dining has become a popular option lately, and it’s no surprise why. It’s a fast, convenient way to grab dinner while you’re out and about, or on the way home. By calling ahead with your order, it’s ready when you arrive, so you can avoid wait times and long drive-through lines while enjoying the comfort of your car. Some places require you to park in designated spots, while others simply ask that you call in when you arrive and provide a general description of your vehicle. A friendly employee packages your order for safe travel and delivers it straight to your car window, so you’re ready to go in minutes.

To-Go Meals

Restaurant to-go meals are a great option for families looking for better food choices on the go. They offer the convenience of fast food with quality restaurant ingredients, and healthier options than greasy potatoes or fried pies. Plus, you have an entire menu to choose from, so everyone ends up with their favorite dish. And you don’t have to worry about the stress of tired and hungry children in a restaurant, just grab your meal and retreat to the quiet (or not so quiet) of your own home.

Foxtrot in Midtown is now open for curbside to-go! From the Sesame Encrusted Ahi Tuna to Vegetarian Spring Rolls and perfectly seasoned Lemon Pepper Wings, we’ve got all your favorite flavors ready to go, fresh from our kitchen, straight to your couch. Tonight, make it Foxtrot! Check out our menu online for fresh flavors with seasonal ingredients, then call ahead and place your order. We’ll have it ready when you arrive for convenient curbside pickup, or come inside for carryout from the kitchen. At Foxtrot, we’ve got dinner handled! 404.856.4266


Frequently Asked Questions about Foxtrot Liquor Bar

Is Foxtrot Liquor Bar in Atlanta open for dinner?

Yes! Call in now to place a to-go order, or join us on the porch for all your favorites from the Foxtrot Kitchen! 404.856.4266

Does Foxtrot have a new menu?

Check out our menu online! We update our food offerings regularly to highlight seasonal ingredients and fresh flavors. 

Does Foxtrot offer curbside pickup or carryout?

Yes! Call ahead and place your order now for curbside pickup or carryout from Foxtrot! 404.856.4266