How to plan the Best Menu to compliment Your Wedding Theme

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You’ve spent months planning your wedding, from colors to flowers and music. But arguably the most memorable aspect, aside from the beaming smiles of the bride and groom, is definitely the menu. From hor d’ oeuvres to desserts and drinks, we’ve got some tips to keep your wedding reception on point.

Know Your Guest List
While you want to include foods you and your partner love, you’ll also want to consider the people who are attending. Popular picks like beef, chicken, or surf and turf are designed to appeal to most people. If you have vegetarian or vegan friends and family attending, consider offering a non-meat option more substantial than salad, like ratatouille or vegetable fritters. Looking to bring friends and family together across cultures? Try a fusion menu to bridge any cross-cultural divides.

The Size and Layout of the Venue
Like it or not, the location of your wedding reception will play a big part in determining your menu, so it’s best to consider them together. If you’re dead-set on a traditional sit-down meal, an outdoor barn facility may not be the most conducive to food prep, holding, and waiter service. Casual buffet receptions are popular, but they require room and planning to determine how guests will move through the line. Will dancing and drinks be the primary focus? If so, think about ditching the heavy meal for lighter canapes to be passed around mingling guests. And remember, you don’t have to stay in one location all night. Consider hosting the ceremony in one site and moving guests to a local restaurant or Atlanta bar for more space and professional service.

Decide What Type of Bar You’ll Have
Wedding drinks can realistically make up 10%-20% of your wedding budget, so plan accordingly to make the most of it. Hiring a professional is obviously the easiest option, but also more expensive. You won’t need to worry about service fees or marked-up alcohol prices if you go the DIY route and stock your own bar, but you’ll want to pay attention to any local or state laws that restrict who can serve alcohol. Your venue may require you to utilize a third-party bar service or impose corkage fees to bring-your-own bottles.

When it comes to the actual bar setup, there are several options to consider alongside your wedding theme. Open bars are by far the most popular option for guests, as it usually offers a limited selection of beer, wine, cocktails, and champagne. Hosts pay a flat rate and guests can help themselves to as many drinks as they like. A consumption bar is similar, but instead of a flat rate, hosts pay according to how much is actually consumed. A soft bar doesn’t include liquor, so primarily wine, champagne, and beer, while a white bar only offers white beverages, like vodka, gin, and white wine, which could fit in nicely with a black and white theme. If you or your guests don’t consume alcohol, a dry bar is a charming option for serving tea, juices, craft sodas, hot chocolate, or anything else you love.    

Signature cocktails are a must for modern weddings. Get inventive with names and ingredients to highlight something special about yourselves as a couple. Ask your bartender or venue for help and you’re sure to come up with something as perfect as your wedding day.  

When it comes to your wedding dinner and drinks, your venue plays a large part in the success of your day, so choose one early and spend time consulting with your chef and bartender. If you’re looking for a unique local reception venue, a Midtown Atlanta bar is a great option! At Foxtrot Liquor Bar, we have space and the catering expertise to make your day delightful. From finger foods, dancing room, and signature cocktails, find inspiration for your wedding menu and drinks at Foxtrot! 404.856.4266


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Does Foxtrot host group events?
Yes! Our location has a capacity of 250 people, and we can partner with our neighboring venue, Tiki Tango, to accommodate for up to 1,300 guests. Call now to learn more! 404.856.4266

Do you have a catering menu?
We do! Our elegant and diverse catering menu is perfect for any occasion.