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Private Dining Space at the Your Midtown Cocktail Bar

Last year, times were tough. Weddings were postponed, baby showers were held virtually and work parties became a thing of the past. No one knew when gatherings would be permitted again, or when it would be safe to have parties or hang out with friends. But humans are adaptable, and as we’ve gotten used to the new reality we’ve made adjustments to be able to continue to hold on to our most sacred traditions while also keeping health and safety a top priority. In 2021, smaller, more intimate gatherings have been made possible by implementing protocols like social distancing and face masks. Private cocktail parties and celebrations are back on the books, and no one is more prepared to help you throw the soiree you’ve been postponing than the event staff at Foxtrot Liquor Bar. At our high-end bar with a low-key atmosphere, we have private dining space and semi-private [...]

Cocktail Trends We Can’t Wait to Say Goodbye to in 2021

  There are many things that the ongoing global pandemic made not only necessary in the year 2020, but also fashionable. From decked-out face masks to work from home-approved loungewear, many industries had to pivot to support the unexpected trends. While we’re a fan of wearing sweatpants to work remaining “a thing,” there are definitely some aspects of quarantine life that we’re wanting to leave behind because they’re, well, so last year.   Booze with Wellness “Benefits” From keto-friendly wines to probiotic-infused kombucha cocktails, we’re over the idea that even alcohol has to have a health benefit. A great result of quarantine was a renewed interest in self-care, especially when we had nothing to do but paint our nails and lounge in the bathtub. But we don’t think that has to extend to alcohol: companies that claim their beverages are “clean” are just jumping on the marketing buzz-word bandwagon anyway. [...]

Say “Goodbye” to 2020 at Foxtrot this New Year’s Eve

  At Foxtrot Liquor Bar, it’s Studio 54 Winter Wonderland, and we’re leaving 2020 on read this year with our New Year’s Eve celebration. Our typical retro-country clubhouse decor has been swapped for a Christmas extravaganza as our Home Alone-themed holiday pop-up continues into 2021.    Tickets are on sale now for our Studio 54 ode to Christmas, with tickets including entry into both Foxtrot and Tiki Tango Hideaway Oasis, our sister bar. With tickets, you and your friends will gain access to two of the hottest 2021 Atlanta New Year’s Eve parties.    Our holiday pop-up bar is serving up everything you need to celebrate a new year the Kevin McCallister way. With festive cocktails and tasty treats with names that pay homage to the classic movie franchise’s best characters and moments, it’s the perfect way to enjoy festive toasts and pose for the ‘gram. Next door at Tiki [...]

Celebrate the Season with Our Holiday Cocktails, Ya Filthy Animal

Celebrate the Season with Our Holiday Cocktails, Ya Filthy Animal    If the name Kevin McCallister means anything to you, you’re in for a treat this holiday season. Foxtrot Liquor Bar, midtown Atlanta’s premier cocktail bar, is hosting a holiday extravaganza themed around a quintessential Christmas movie franchise: Home Alone.  From Home Alone-themed speciality cocktails to snacks named after pivotal characters and moments from the film, Foxtrot is getting a jump start on the holiday season with a celebration of childhood, Christmas presents and, of course, Macaulay Culkin. Festive Holiday Cocktails  Keep the cold out this winter with our menu of Home Alone-themed cocktails. Tuesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. till late, we’re serving up the best midtown Atlanta holiday cocktails that will transport you back to your childhood and memories of BB-gun wielding Kevin and the unfortunate cronies Marv and Harry. Need more inspiration than that? Take a look [...]

Holiday Party? Book a Midtown Private Event Room

Holiday Party? Book a Midtown Private Event Room While traveling long distances and visiting older relatives might be off the table this year, after months of uncertainty and keeping our distance, the holidays just seem like the right time to get together with loved ones and celebrate. Whether you’re getting the girls together for an annual holiday catch up or have a large family you want to treat to a night out in a controlled environment, take advantage of private party rooms in midtown to hold a get-together that’s stress-free and socially responsible.  Private and Semi-Private Party Rooms If you’re looking for private and semi-private event rooms in midtown, Foxtrot Liquor Bar has you covered. The best midtown cocktail bar, Foxtrot is a high-end space with a low-key atmosphere. An elevated pub, Foxtrot’s decor plays on retro-country clubhouse vibes while the bar serves up impeccably crafted cocktails, local beers on [...]

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