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Celebrate the Season with Our Holiday Cocktails, Ya Filthy Animal

Celebrate the Season with Our Holiday Cocktails, Ya Filthy Animal    If the name Kevin McCallister means anything to you, you’re in for a treat this holiday season. Foxtrot Liquor Bar, midtown Atlanta’s premier cocktail bar, is hosting a holiday extravaganza themed around a quintessential Christmas movie franchise: Home Alone.  From Home Alone-themed speciality cocktails to snacks named after pivotal characters and moments from the film, Foxtrot is getting a jump start on the holiday season with a celebration of childhood, Christmas presents and, of course, Macaulay Culkin. Festive Holiday Cocktails  Keep the cold out this winter with our menu of Home Alone-themed cocktails. Tuesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. till late, we’re serving up the best midtown Atlanta holiday cocktails that will transport you back to your childhood and memories of BB-gun wielding Kevin and the unfortunate cronies Marv and Harry. Need more inspiration than that? Take a look [...]

Holiday Party? Book a Midtown Private Event Room

Holiday Party? Book a Midtown Private Event Room While traveling long distances and visiting older relatives might be off the table this year, after months of uncertainty and keeping our distance, the holidays just seem like the right time to get together with loved ones and celebrate. Whether you’re getting the girls together for an annual holiday catch up or have a large family you want to treat to a night out in a controlled environment, take advantage of private party rooms in midtown to hold a get-together that’s stress-free and socially responsible.  Private and Semi-Private Party Rooms If you’re looking for private and semi-private event rooms in midtown, Foxtrot Liquor Bar has you covered. The best midtown cocktail bar, Foxtrot is a high-end space with a low-key atmosphere. An elevated pub, Foxtrot’s decor plays on retro-country clubhouse vibes while the bar serves up impeccably crafted cocktails, local beers on [...]

Fun Places in Atlanta for a Night Out with Friends

Fun Places in Atlanta for a Night Out with Friends   Fall in Atlanta ushers in a sense of urgency to get out and enjoy time with friends before the busy holiday season. A short period between the sweltering heat of summer and the cold of winter, it’s the perfect season to get out with friends and explore the city. The places to go are so plentiful you can make a night out of almost anything: From catching a favorite band at a mid-sized venue to exploring the city from atop a giant ferris wheel to wrapping up the night at a local liquor bar, Atlanta has something for every age and interest.      Here’s our list of seven fun places in Atlanta for spending a night out with friends.    Catch a show at City Winery   Sip wine, dine and immerse yourself in a live performance at [...]

Celebrate Halloween at our Midtown Atlanta Bar

2020 has been a year like no other, and there’s no reason why Halloween should be any exception. You don’t have to put on the same tired witches hat or creepy mask and host your own get-together when you can celebrate the spookiest of seasons and grab a delicious cocktail at the scariest Halloween party in midtown.    A Halloween Extravaganza     To celebrate the night when spirits are said to rise from the dead, Foxtrot Liquor bar is teaming up with Tiki Tango Hideaway Oasis to bring you a haunted night out: Join us if you dare for “Nightmare on 13th Street,” a scare-filled Halloween night of dancing, drinking and mingling.  Located side by side on 13th Street in midtown, Foxtrot and Tiki Tango offer plenty of room for parties to get together and hang out in their own space, while still enjoying the best of Atlanta night [...]

We’ve Got A New Lineup of Beers for You To Enjoy!

We’ve Got A New Lineup of Beers for You To Enjoy!                         At Foxtrot Liquor Bar, we like to keep our patrons on their toes. Our continuously rotating beer menu has just been updated with 15 - you heard us, fifteen - brand new brews for you and your friends to enjoy on your next night out. We’re not one for spoilers, so you’ll have to come by our establishment and see for yourself just what exactly this new beer menu entails. At Foxtrot, we keep the safety of our staff and patrons in mind both while we’re open and after hours. After opening our dining and bar space back to the public after COVID-19, we are adhering to the most recent state and federal guidelines by maintaining a clean and sanitized area and enforcing social distancing among our [...]

The Benefits of Curbside Dining

The Benefits of Curbside Dining   Curbside dining has become a popular option lately, and it’s no surprise why. It’s a fast, convenient way to grab dinner while you’re out and about, or on the way home. By calling ahead with your order, it’s ready when you arrive, so you can avoid wait times and long drive-through lines while enjoying the comfort of your car. Some places require you to park in designated spots, while others simply ask that you call in when you arrive and provide a general description of your vehicle. A friendly employee packages your order for safe travel and delivers it straight to your car window, so you’re ready to go in minutes. To-Go Meals Restaurant to-go meals are a great option for families looking for better food choices on the go. They offer the convenience of fast food with quality restaurant ingredients, and healthier options [...]

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