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2019 Liquor Bar Trends

As one of the best Midtown Atlanta bars, Foxtrot keeps a pulse on what’s hot and what's not when it comes to cocktails, craft beer, wine, and spirits. There’s a lot to look forward to in 2019, from herbal infused cocktails to the rise of Japanese gin. Foxtrot Liquor Bar is here with all the top 2019 bar trends! Health and Sustainability Health and environmental sustainability aren’t just popular in the restaurant industry- they’ve found their way into distilleries and bars as well. Today, you’ll find superfoods, medicinal herbs, teas, and cold-press juices used to create cocktails that could double as health tonics. You can wind down with a hand-crafted cocktail and do something good for your body! Plus, with sustainable cocktails, you can also do something good for the environment. Sustainable cocktails are made with locally-sourced ingredients that have a minimal impact on the environment. Cocktails 2018 saw [...]

How to plan the Best Menu to compliment Your Wedding Theme

How to plan the Best Menu to compliment Your Wedding Theme   You’ve spent months planning your wedding, from colors to flowers and music. But arguably the most memorable aspect, aside from the beaming smiles of the bride and groom, is definitely the menu. From hor d' oeuvres to desserts and drinks, we’ve got some tips to keep your wedding reception on point. Know Your Guest List While you want to include foods you and your partner love, you’ll also want to consider the people who are attending. Popular picks like beef, chicken, or surf and turf are designed to appeal to most people. If you have vegetarian or vegan friends and family attending, consider offering a non-meat option more substantial than salad, like ratatouille or vegetable fritters. Looking to bring friends and family together across cultures? Try a fusion menu to bridge any cross-cultural divides. The Size and Layout [...]

Tips for Finding The Perfect Name for Your Original Cocktail

Tips for Finding The Perfect Name for Your Original Cocktail Whether you are planning a big event or a small get together, make it memorable with signature drinks.  Gather your ingredients and get started muddling and macerating. With a catchy name and some creative craft cocktails, you have a party no one will forget! Back to Basics One of the safest and easiest ways to name a cocktail is to identify its ingredients. This option is great for guests who wonder what’s inside, as it tells them what to expect. Mango Margaritas, for example, leave no question as to what your guests are getting. This method is great for a straightforward cocktail, but it isn't the most creative. If you're looking for something truly hashtag worthy, you'll need to look beyond the basic. Where It Came From Whether you're using specialty ingredients, or just looking to add some local flavor, [...]

The History of Liquor Bars

The History of Liquor Bars Since the beginning of civilization humans have sought out places to eat, drink, and enjoy the evening. It’s built into the history of mankind! When you need a beer, and you need some food, you need a bar. The Origin of Bars Retail establishments that serve alcohol date back to Ancient Greece, where men would gather in the evenings for food, drinks, and music or theatrical entertainment. By Ancient Roman times, taverns were arising along roads and trade routes to meet the needs of travelers and soldiers. In England, up through the 11th century, public houses became places hold personal or business meetings. The British loved their pubs so much that laws were enacted during the 1600s making it illegal to not have a bar in town. Bars in America In the Colonial days of America, taverns were often built before churches. By the 19th [...]

3 Kickin’ Cocktail Recipes to Help You Cool Down This Summer

3 Kickin’ Cocktail Recipes to Help You Cool Down This Summer Whether you’re getting home after a long day of work or just starting your weekend, the summer heat hits everyone the same. All you really want to do is sit back and relax with a refreshing drink that will take off the edge. Here are 3 delicious cocktails that will transport you far away from the stifling heat this summer. Classic Daiquiri This drink really brings out those summer vibes with its citrus tang entrance and sweet and spicy rum finish. Even if you’re drinking indoors, every sip of this will hit you with that gentle summer breeze. Ingredients 1 ½ oz White Rum ½ oz Simple Syrup 1 oz Lime Juice Lime Wedge Tools needed Shaker with ice Chilled cocktail glass Directions Pour all of the ingredients into your shaker. Shake everything well. Strain your concoction into your [...]

The Best Drinks to Order When You’re on A Budget

Your friends want you to go out with them tonight, but your next paycheck is a week away and all of your month’s bills have just hit. You’ve been working really hard lately and haven’t had any time to yourself. You deserve a break! But how can you do that when you need to keep an eye on your bank account? Is it possible to party on a budget? The answer is yes! If you can budget for groceries, you can definitely budget for a time out with friends. Here are some tips and common drinks that are a cheap way to a good time. Order beer when you can. Anything on tap is always going to be cheaper than a cocktail or a glass of wine. Save those colorful fun drinks for when you can buy them without cringing inwardly. Find out when happy hour is at your local [...]

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