Cocktail Trends We Can’t Wait to Say Goodbye to in 2021


There are many things that the ongoing global pandemic made not only necessary in the year 2020, but also fashionable. From decked-out face masks to work from home-approved loungewear, many industries had to pivot to support the unexpected trends. While we’re a fan of wearing sweatpants to work remaining “a thing,” there are definitely some aspects of quarantine life that we’re wanting to leave behind because they’re, well, so last year.


Booze with Wellness “Benefits”

From keto-friendly wines to probiotic-infused kombucha cocktails, we’re over the idea that even alcohol has to have a health benefit. A great result of quarantine was a renewed interest in self-care, especially when we had nothing to do but paint our nails and lounge in the bathtub. But we don’t think that has to extend to alcohol: companies that claim their beverages are “clean” are just jumping on the marketing buzz-word bandwagon anyway.


Zoom Happy Hours

We can’t wait to ditch this trend in 2021. Sure, virtual meet-ups kept a lot of people sane when the pandemic first reared its head, sending us into lockdown for months while the world tried to get used to a new reality. But there just isn’t anything like the real deal, whether that be hanging out with the gal pals at the local hot spot or having a night out with your significant other. We’ll be happy to trade our laptops for more IRL face-to-face in 2021.


DIY Mixology

Hear us out on this one. While the at-home bar cart enthusiasts everywhere have never had more time to practice their novice bartending skills, we can’t wait for a time when DIY cocktails become one of many options as opposed to the go-to. Us bartenders and mixologists have been honing our skills over the past year when things slowed down, and we’re ready to wow our patrons with some pretty spectacular creations in 2021.


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