Your friends want you to go out with them tonight, but your next paycheck is a week away and all of your month’s bills have just hit. You’ve been working really hard lately and haven’t had any time to yourself. You deserve a break! But how can you do that when you need to keep an eye on your bank account? Is it possible to party on a budget? The answer is yes! If you can budget for groceries, you can definitely budget for a time out with friends. Here are some tips and common drinks that are a cheap way to a good time.

    • Order beer when you can. Anything on tap is always going to be cheaper than a cocktail or a glass of wine. Save those colorful fun drinks for when you can buy them without cringing inwardly.
    • Find out when happy hour is at your local Midtown bar and go out during that time. Most places will have their happy hour on weeknights between 5PM and 7PM.
    • If you can bulk-buy, do it. A pitcher of beer or a bottle of wine is always cheaper than an individual glass in the long run. If you’re out with friends, have everyone pitch in for even more affordable drinks.
    • Go old school with whiskey on the rocks. A glass of straight liquor is going to be a cheaper alternative to a cocktail, and more often than not will get you feeling good at a faster rate.
    • Sex on the Beach is said to be a cheaper option in the mixed drink department. With tropical flavors of cranberries, oranges, and peaches, this cocktail is a great companion to have when you’re unwinding after a long hectic week.
  • A whiskey sour is an affordable summer beverage that will get you where you want to be. When you’re looking at your Midtown bar menu, keep an eye out for any sours. These are usually less expensive than their neighboring mixed drinks.
  • Rum and coke is an enjoyable classic that will warm you up and cool your nerves. Find yourself a generous bartender that will have you set for the night with just one drink.
  • The Bartender’s Tastes of Foxtrot Bar showcase cocktails under $10. These drinks may be small, but they sure do pack a punch!
  • Shots of Jägermeister is the best route to go if you want to get a buzz fast. The unique blend of rich sweetness is best tasted at room temperature.

Don’t let anything hold you back from having the best night out with your pals. Put your awesome budgeting skills to the test and get ready to let loose without hurting your bank account. There are a ton of options at your local Midtown bar so that you can have a good time. Visit Foxtrot Bar for a refined atmosphere and an affordable night with friends. Your night of unwinding starts now!  As always, know your limits and drink responsibly!