Creating craft cocktails

Are you ready to try your hand at making the best craft cocktails?

This process is fun, creative, interesting and is sure to impress your friends and family.

So let’s get started as we walk through all the ins and outs of creating delectable craft cocktails.

What’s a Craft Cocktail?

In case you didn’t know yet, a craft cocktail is a specialty beverage made with the height of passion and uniqueness.

It’s quite similar to the foodie and artisan mindset of using a high level of care in terms of selecting ingredients and preparing them.

So a craft cocktail includes custom and handmade aspects, such as specific ingredients, ice cubes and ways of mixing.

The end result is a one-of-a-kind beverage that looks and tastes unbelievably inviting.

Have All of Your Equipment on Hand

To create the best craft cocktails, you will need not just your beverage ingredients on hand to prepare your delicious and refreshing cocktails.

You’ll also need to have various equipment, depending on what drinks you plan to make.

The equipment may include, for example, a blender, spoons, measuring accessories and so on.

Invest in the best equipment you can, as that will make a difference in the outcome (the cocktails you prepare).

Use Only Fresh Ingredients

When an experienced master chef is preparing dishes, they start with only the finest, high-quality ingredients.

So, too, when you are creating the very best craft cocktails, your ingredients should be at their peak of freshness, because then the drink that results will have a much crisper and more inviting flavor.

If your cocktail contains fruit, for example, preferably use the most colorful and juicy fruit you can find, and better yet it should be organic and coming from sources you trust for their attention to quality standards.

Be Selective

One of the hallmarks of craft cocktails is the focus on quality.

It’s an unrelenting desire to have the drinks be “just so,” and that means you need to be particular about not just the ingredients that go into the drinks but about the entire process.

Thoroughly research each ingredient you are considering using to make sure it meets your high standards.

As far as the spirits (alcohol) that you include as ingredients, that should also be the best quality you can afford to buy, as that makes a big difference in the quality and taste of the cocktails you prepare.

best craft cocktails at Foxtrot barFree Your Creativity

When you are coming up with a recipe for a new craft cocktail concoction, feel free to harness your creativity to the fullest.

Don’t hold back.

The sky’s the limit.

Think of what flavors taste great together, and don’t be afraid to mix and match various ingredients and quantities until you get things just right.

Consider, for example, mixing sweet and sour flavors.

Stick to the Recipes

If you are going by a recipe rather than creating your own recipe, carefully adhere to all instructions, rather than winging it.

And if you are creating your own recipe, once you have settled on a particular combination of ingredients in certain quantities, and that turns out to your liking, stick with it.

In other words, do not alter that recipe whenever you make that drink again.

You have come up with a winner, and you want to keep creating that same drink to the same level of quality and taste.

Serve in Style

There is nothing ordinary about craft cocktails and people who make these incredible beverages realize that.

They pay attention to every detail, including the presentation of the drinks.

So carefully consider what glasses you want to use as the means of serving your cocktails with finesse and creativity.

Think about issues like choosing glass color, size, and shape that truly highlight the cocktail you are serving.

Add little touches and accents like unique napkins, accessories, and straws.

When it comes to straws, try ones in various colors, and preferably use ones made out of glass, in keeping with the high-quality and typically sophisticated nature of craft cocktails,

Also, consider whether the cocktail you make pairs well with any meals or snacks, and make sure you balance everything you are serving together.

If you serve craft cocktails with food, do so in an appealing style, or serve the cocktails alone to truly highlight their appeal to the taste buds.

A Few Examples of Craft Cocktails

So what does the end result look like and what are some examples of craft cocktails that are true crowd favorites?

Well, during the summery hot weather, the melon ball is a wonderfully seasonal beverage, and even its colors can make you dream of relaxing at the beach.

At Foxtrot Liquor Bar, a couple of the standout craft cocktails are the 52 Pick-Up and the House Bounce, which has had some famous fans for centuries, as it just happened to be a favorite of President George Washington.

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It’s your destination when you want to sip an ultimate craft cocktail that you do not have to make.

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At Foxtrot, we take mixology very seriously and are pleased to offer the very best when it comes to Atlanta craft cocktails.

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