You wrote the emails, you made the calls. Now it’s time to unwind, meet some friends, and head out for some tasty beverages! Atlanta is buzzing with bars these days, but Midtown offers a unique and vibrant cocktail scene that deserves exploring. Treat yourself! Don’t waste your time on boring bottled mixes or standard beer selections. After all, when you’re looking for great food you find a great chef. When you’re looking for great drinks, you find a great mixologist.

Creating craft cocktails

What Is Mixology?

In the food world, there are cooks and there are chefs. In the beverage world, there are bartenders and there are mixologists. Like master cocktail chefs, mixologists develop amazing concoctions from unique or unusual ingredients to present reimagined flavors and experiences. Going beyond bartending, mixology is a craft, and those who practice it take enormous pride in delivering beautiful, thoughtful drinks that are anything but boring.

Often featuring multiple layers and complex flavor profiles, mixology aims to create an experience for the customer. After all, modern cocktails are like small works of art, meant to be savored. But even if you aren’t looking for something complicated, the presence of a bartender devoted to mixology might mean your local Midtown bar has a better selection of craft beer, more top-shelf brands, or uncommon liquor offerings.

Does Foxtrot Meet The Bar?

With distinctive houndstooth walls and warm leather furniture, Foxtrot Liquor Bar is a destination in the Midtown Atlanta cocktail scene. Here, experienced mixologists push the limits to make every drink a masterpiece, utilizing unique ingredients and offering innovative twists on the cocktail concept. Smoked Tequila, Green Chartreuse, and Cream Sherry are just a few of the unusual tastes you might encounter on the menu.

It’s not just customers who enjoy these complex flavor profiles. Jezebel magazine rated Foxtrot Liquor Bar Best Cocktail in Atlanta 2019, where they highlighted the Gin-based Spruce Goose with pineapple-egg foam, as well as the Flight of the Phoenix, with top-shelf Tequila, Aperol, and strawberry jelly. Other award-winning cocktails include Life on Mars, a gin-based drink with orgeat and Earl Grey bitters, and the Echo Mike Hotel, with Butterfly Absinthe. The press and the people agree: Foxtrot Liquor Bar offers bold concepts and innovative cocktails that are more than beverages, they are a delight for the senses.

When you’re looking to treat yourself, dive into Atlanta’s creative cocktail scene, and start with Foxtrot Liquor Bar. This local Midtown bar is serving a diverse drink menu that’s sure to satisfy your craving for deliciously inspired cocktails, diverse craft beers, and top-shelf liquor selections.