Tips for Finding The Perfect Name for Your Original Cocktail

Whether you are planning a big event or a small get together, make it memorable with signature drinks.  Gather your ingredients and get started muddling and macerating. With a catchy name and some creative craft cocktails, you have a party no one will forget!Creating the perfect cocktail

Back to Basics

One of the safest and easiest ways to name a cocktail is to identify its ingredients. This option is great for guests who wonder what’s inside, as it tells them what to expect. Mango Margaritas, for example, leave no question as to what your guests are getting. This method is great for a straightforward cocktail, but it isn’t the most creative. If you’re looking for something truly hashtag worthy, you’ll need to look beyond the basic.

Where It Came From

Whether you’re using specialty ingredients, or just looking to add some local flavor, places and landmarks make for some great inspiration. Midtown Mojitos, Georgia Peach Punch, or From Russia
With Love, look to the places your drink was made in. You can also look to your own neighborhood for naming inspiration. To get even more creative, look into what country or culture your cocktail ingredients might come from, and even consider breaking out the google translator if you think your signature creation may sound more intriguing en francais or in italiano.

Stick to the Story

For a uniquely personal touch, name your cocktail after the person, place, or thing that inspired it.  Gathering with friends for a night on the town? Try Squad Goals, Buckhead with Billy, or Sarah’s Sip Sip Hooray. Got a big event you’d like everyone to remember? The Wedding Day Delight sounds fanciful and sweet, while the Lifetime Legacy would be ideal for an anniversary event. In a few years, you can make your signature drink again and bring back all the memories in one tasty sip.


Whether you’ve invented an entirely new cocktail, or you’re just looking to rebrand a familiar recipe, the name is truly the final garnish. Make it absolutely unforgettable by turning it into a hashtag and posting pictures on social media. Tag your friends all evening long so everyone can enjoy the fun. If it goes viral, maybe you’ll make cocktail history!

At Foxtrot Liquor Bar, our cocktail program boasts a variety of classic and creative cocktails, some with very unique names (Life on Mars anyone? 52-Card Pickup perhaps?) If you’re looking for a local Midtown Atlanta bar where you can celebrate signature events with signature drinks, it’s got to be Foxtrot! Come by today and stay awhile, we’ll tell you how we named our cocktails!

Frequently Asked Questions about Foxtrot Liquor Bar’s Cocktail Menu

Are all of your cocktails original recipes?
Everything except our rotating seasonal tap cocktail is thought up in-house. Our preferred mixes are under the “Bartender’s Tastes.”
Do you have any cocktails with rum in them?
Yes! It Was Written and Echo Mike Hotel are both favorites among our regular rum-lovers.